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First Class London

First Class London is the local representative of the First Class Corporations Group, a global supplier of luxury limousine and travel services to the highest echelon of international travelers. With a network that stretches from Asia to Europe and America, First Class Corporations is dedicated to delivering a seamless travel experience that spans the world. Under our Door-to-Door Promise, the First Class Experience starts the moment we collect our guests from their front door and concludes only when we deliver them safely home again at the end of their journey.

As part of the first Class Corporation’s Door-to-Door Promise to our guests, First Class London is responsible for supplying the necessary services and products to meet the needs of our discerning guests throughout their stay in London. This includes but not limited to fast-track airport services, airport transfers, limousine services, business meetings, dining, nightlife, shopping and sightseeing.

To ensure the smooth and seamless provision of a complete suite of luxury limousine and travel services to guests from around the world during their visit to London, First Class London collaborates closely with a number of trusted local specialist companies. These local partners comprise suppliers of premium products and first class services that include executive gifts, private jets, helicopters, limousines, hotels, restaurants and exclusive sightseeing.